Videos and Eye Candy

Short movies of our latest rides and Manufactures videos. Enjoy!

Ride with us:


We love riding with new friends! Give us a call to arrange for a test ride. A trip to Starbucks or any coffee shop is one of the best excuses to make new friends and enjoy a bike ride.


What does it feel like to ride a Recumbent Trike? 

Take a ride up and down Wildhorse Creek Road in Missouri.


Going South, it's easily a one hour climb.


Riding North, it's a hold on to your hat, ride your brakes, roller coaster. Filled with excitement, beautiful scenery, and colors. This first video predates todays high definition cameras. We plan on redoing the trip in high defenition in the spring!

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Ready For Another Movie?

Here we go! Follow this link for a ride across the river in Madison County, Illinois:


Take me to the Madison County Ride