Take the Factory Tour

Follow this link to take a short factory tour of HP Velotchnik. Next to being in a chocolate factory, we can't think of too many places we'd rather be.



Meet the new Scorpion fs26 series of trikes:

Building on the strengths of one of the most successful fully suspend trike designs to date, HP Velotechnik introduces the FS 26 Series of trikes sporting improved steering geometry and a longer wheelbase for improved high speed handling.






Meet the Gekko

One of the most exciting new recumbent trikes is the HP Velotechnik Gekko. It easily folds and unfolds in less than a minute and is the answer for many of us who have limited storage space, or need a way to easily carry our recumbent trikes up and down stairs. Take a look at this video which has everyone talking about the latest trike from HP Velotechnik. Are you going to be the next Gekko Rider??