Introducing the Scorpion fs 26

The fs 26 is an all new design from HP Velotechnik!



We don’t mean to brag but, this is the trike that riders who love the looks of a big rear wheel have been waiting for. The Scorpion fs 26 employs new and refined steering geometry to allow for a tight turning radius while utilizing a larger and more comfortable ErgoMesh seat. For riders who prefer a hard shell seat, the BodyLink seat is fully compatible and offers unparalleled adjustability to fit your body like a glove. Fender mounting has been improved to facilitate front fender removal for those 'dry' weather days. The longer wheelbase afforded by the 26" rear wheel translates into improved handling and stability at high speeds as you make your way comfortably down fast descents. The fully suspended 26" rear wheel and frame member will not bolt into either the original Scorpion fs 20 or, the new and improved Scorpion fs 20. This is a new frame from the ground up and it incorporates the latest engineering design from HP Velotechnik. For those who have always wanted a large rear wheeled fully suspended trike with a balanced and well thought out cockpit and layout, the Scorpion fs 26 is for you!

UPDATE....We now have the Scorpion FS26 S Pedelec in inventory and available for test rides! The reviews for the Scorpion FS26 are very positve. For those that would like a little 'assist' to climb higher mountains or just extend their riding pleasures range, the new Pedelec FS 26 is an amazing balance of function and versatility. Since we've gotten one in stock, we can't get enought of it!


Riding with the smooth input of the pedal assist system becomes second nature so quickly that we confess, this has become our favorite trike for touring, going to the store, and just heading 'UP' to downtown Denver for a quick lunch with our friends.

Here is a picture of one of our first Scorpion FS26 Trikes. This is an amazing machine. Building on all of the best features of the Scorpion FS20, the longer wheelbase makes for even better high speed stability than the legendary Scorpion FS. Read Bryan Ball's review here: