Here it is! A genuine "home movie" of this summers (2011) trike riding in Dillon, CO. One of the great things about living out "West" is that the skies are almost always blue, and if it's too hot to ride in the valley or foothills, you can always find respite from the heat with a simple change in altitude. Sure, there is some additional huffing and puffing involved as you climb a bit higher, but, it’s all good fun when you are riding with your friends and family.


Sit back and enjoy the views. Of course, if you picture yourself pedaling along with us that's OK too.

When the snow is flying, we regularly look at our movies and dream of spring and another season of trike riding!

Trike Riding in Dillon, CO

If it looks like I am always chasing the "girls" in the movie, you are right!  After all, someone has to take the pictures. Fortunately, while Margarite may be a bit faster than me, she is always nice enough to let me catch up with her by the end of our rides. Even if it's only a ride in the neighborhood for a cup of coffee or lunch, we try to ride together several times a week. Nothing beats some exercise and a cup of Java or a light snack along the way.


Now that Winter is here, this is a great time to think about a trike for the Spring. Thanks so much for watching our movies and visiting our site!






Dave Murphy