Recumbent Bikes, Trikes, and Tandems: Putting People in Comfortable Motion

Over the years we have fitted people to recumbents from 4' to 6'6" tall and from 90 to 350 lbs. People as young as 10 and as old as 90. People in the peak of health and people whose health peaked. People suffering from hip and knee replacements, aching backs, accident victims, nerve disorders, bad balance, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and MS. We've helped commuters, weekend riders, dieters, folks with cardiovascular concerns, and those doing post-operative rehab. We also helped people with sore butts, backs, necks, and wrists that love to ride but are tired of the traditional two wheeled bikes. If you want to get out by yourself or with friends and loved ones, try a recumbent. They are comfortable and just plain fun.

We're glad you found your way to our site, and we hope you enjoy it. There are plenty of pictures and don't forget to check out the buying tips. Please give us a call to ask any questions you may have or, to set up a test ride!

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Here are some pictures of the bikes that we ride and sell. You can view these in "full screen" mode for maximum recumbent enjoyment!

Testing, One, Two, Three....Testing...303-758-6412

Test rides are one of the most important components of selecting your new trike or recumbnet bike. We set test rides by appointment, just let us know what you are interested in riding and we will work with you to help make sure that the test ride you take will help you make a good decision. Please, allow time for us to get to know each other, and for us to make sure the bike or trike fits you properly. There are some variables, but as a rule, it will be about an hour or so for us to know the fit is good, and only then, can we send you on your way to 'ride around the block', so to speak.

We really don't want you to ride around for just 10 minutes. Yes, you may have fun, but a recumbent will feel different after 15 miles of riding, and we would like to make sure you love it in the long run.  We encourage you to spend at least an hour, or more, actually riding the bike you are most interested in. There are plenty of nice bike paths available in our neighborhood for you to explore.